The Prescott Athletic Club is currently closed. However, we are still accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Senior Camp Counselor, part-time or full-time
  • PAID: 18 or older Responsible for the primary supervision of camp participants and Junior Counselors. He/she will supervise, facilitate and participate in all activities including sports, games, swimming, arts and crafts. Senior Counselors are responsible for the well-being and safety of participants while maintaining a positive, fun, and active summer program. Senior counselors are expected to serve as appropriate role models for all participants in their care.

  • Junior Camp Counselor, part-time
  • VOLUNTEER: ages 13 – 17
  • This volunteer position provides participants with early job experience. Junior counselors will have the opportunity to build valuable skills in areas of team work, commitment, time management, communication, and leadership. Participants will assist Senior Counselors in providing a fun, safe environment for camp participants. Junior Counselors will help to facilitate activities including sports, games, swimming, arts and crafts.

  • Water Aerobics Instructor, part-time
  • Teach water aerobics: promote flexibility; strength; endurance; and cardiovascular conditioning. Instructor will educate participants on safety and be able to modify the class for different abilities. Maintain an upbeat and fun experience for class participants.

  • Swim Instructor, part-time
  • Provide private/group swim lessons to kids and adults of all levels and abilities.

  • Front Desk / Waitstaff / Cook, part-time
  • We are also looking to add to our front desk staff, waitstaff (must be 19) and cooking staff.  These are part-time seasonal positions for May through August with the potential to be ongoing positions.

How to Apply:
download an application here and email the completed form to:

Junior counselor volunteer application

Summer camp job application

Front desk/cafe job application